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Software Testing Support Development Teams

Gaps/ errors in delivered software are tough, time overwhelming and costly to rectify. Understanding business needs utterly and reviewing the test plans of the event merchant help to identify and fix gaps in functional coverage before the delivery of the finished application. This helps both the seller and also the client to avoid the implications of discovering gaps/ errors within the delivered software - delays in time-to-market, return on investment, and loss of reputation.

Combining in depth domain knowledge with experience in needs analysis, our professionals facilitate System Integrators in developing and delivering the correct software thus saving time and costs. We tend to provide:

  • Functional Support to Development Teams

  • Review of Unit Test Plans


Functional Support to Development Teams


We provide functional support to development teams to assist them perceive business needs completely. We tend to additionally offer functional clarifications and facilitate translate needs into 'Fit for use' software.


Our business analysts worked along with the client and development team throughout the project and tracked all needs to closure, thereby saving the SI huge penalty prices and market repercussions.

Review of Unit test Plans


Our review of Unit test plans of the event merchant help provide an independent objective assessment of functional coverage. It allows comprehensive unit testing that reduces testing effort down the line.​

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