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Levarus has created an approach to efficient customer engagement based on our multi-year experience, customer-first mindset, and mature QA processes

Engagement Model

We provide three major types of engagement model to work with.

Fixed Price

Well-suited for small and medium-size projects with established methodologies and a stable set of requirements.

  • Project requirements are pre-defined

  • Project costs and duration are specified

  • Re-estimation of costs and time is possible in case changes are required

Time and Material

Appropriate for projects without definitive requirements where risks cannot be predicted beforehand.

  • Requirements are not yet outlined

  • Cost is based on actual person-hours and can be adjusted flexibly

  • Any project changes are acceptable

Dedicated team

Fit for long-term projects with unidentified requirements, or several concurrent projects that may need resource relocation.

  • Only basic project requirements are specified

  • Frequent project amendments are possible

  • Team knowledge retention and full control over the team operation are ensured

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