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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds have placed themselves as the fastest growing and ever-expanding financial services in global economy and as a medium to register the aim of investors having various interests when it comes to investing.

Mutual funds utilize on the power of three distinct streams namely the Fund House - that own and operate the funds, Transfer Agencies - that lay out investor services and Distributors - who sell mutual fund units to investors and offer vast market reach.



Testing Solutions:


Levarus is well placed to provide the following testing solutions designed to reach the demand of Mutual Funds, Transfer Agencies and Distributors across the globe:

  • Business As Usual Testing

  • Domain Focused Independent Testing

  • System Integration Testing

  • Regression Test Pack Creation

  • Test Automation

  • Load, Performance & Stress Testing

  • Recovery Testing


Testing benefits


Time to market -  Software testing executed by experts would provide the advantage of decreased testing effort & time to acquire the early bird benefit in the market.


Testing minimizes risk - Mutual funds involve money.  Timely refining of transactions within short turnaround time is the order of the game.


Proven Grounds


Levarus' track record in Asset Management:

  • Asset allocation and Portfolio re balancing

  • Mutual Fund modules in Private banking applications

  • Mutual Fund distribution

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