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Private Banking

Changing rules and regulations, myriad interfaces, multiple distribution channels, the requirement for risk and performance measurement  force international personal banks to constantly redefine the role of data technology (IT) in wealth management. They're also under constant pressure to upgrade  their quality of service, increase the effectiveness of their product delivery to retain clients and increase profitability.


To manage with these challenges, banks usually tweak their IT systems to facilitate the following:

  • Implementation and customisation of CRM systems

  • Incorporation of regulative needs for varied regions

  • Addition of latest interfaces & distribution channels

  • Providing a single front end integrated view of a customer relationship with the bank

  • Adaptation to new instruments


As a private  bank, you'll avail our  independent software testing services  to assist you with smooth  transition of your IT systems to deal with these challenges. Our teams have the correct combination of domain proficiency , independence, and testing ability to make sure close to defect free roll out of  software  product.

We can assist you with:

  • Structured validation

  • Critical functionality and acceptance criteria:

  • Parameter setup validation

  • Client touch-points validation

  • Tight issue and configuration management

  • Business ownership of issue analysis and resolution


Comprehensive testing support for a worldwide a hundred Banks personal Banking Group that was implementing an integrated client view software.

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