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Automated Software Testing Services

Banks, financial organizations usually realize regression test efforts too repetitive and too long to be accommodated in briefly test windows whereas upgrading software and implementing changes in an application across branches. These challenges will be self-addressed by deploying well-designed automated regression test suites that use the correct set of automation tools.

Test automation provides you with the subsequent benefits:

  • Significant reduction in time taken per software testing iteration for future application releases

  • Savings in manpower & associated prices, as a result of reduced manual testing efforts (potentially up to 80%).

  • Improved regression test coverage at intervals short time frames

  • Flexibility, as individual modules will be tested severally

  • Radical improvement in consistency and uniformity of the testing method

  • Easy modification of reusable components; once created and benchmarked, the automation suite is versatile, repeatable, and stable.


We make (and optionally, automate) Regression test suites for testing enhancements. Our testing suites make sure that any modification in code doesn't change the existing functionality of the software. Our Regression test suites assist you to scale back overall maintenance testing costs and timelines.


We have with success enforced test automation projects for several Global 500 Banks and clients within the financial services and insurance domains. These embody machine-driven regression testing, regression testing and performance testing for core banking implementations and enhancements.


We provide test automation services employing a big variety of tool sets from supposed vendors like test Magic furthermore as client proprietary tools.

Listed below are various tools we tend to use in our projects:

  • Test Project Management - MS Project

  • Defect Management - Jira, Reqtest, ServiceNow

  • Regression test Automation - Win Runner, Rational Robort, fast TestPro and QES designer

  • Coverage Management - Rational Requisite professional, Reqtest and Zephyr

  • Performance Testing - Rational Performance Studio and Compuware QA

  • Configuration Management - Visual supply Safe

  • Test knowledge - Levarus test knowledge Manager

  • Dynamic Code Coverage - Rational pure coverage

Robotic Process Automation in Software Testing (RPA)

Levarus join hands with leading RPA companies and creates test suits for central banks and commercial bank operations. This helps to use the bots effectively and save lot of time and cost

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