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Business Software Testing

Operating within the quick dynamic environment of banking and financial services means that new demands are constantly being placed on your applications. These demands could demand minor corrections or enhancements within the applications. It's necessary that your business activities don't suffer any disruptions whereas these changes are being implemented.

You can come through this by using our Business as Usual testing services that involves testing during bug corrections, parameter changes and minor enhancements to applications that need no separate release.


Our domain centered test groups work with you to conduct BAU testing. A passionate test team, the dimensions of that is determined in consultation with you, checks for bugs in your application throughout the testing part (Defect Fix Testing) or once the software has been released for production (Product Support Testing). We have a tendency to facilitate make sure that your business runs as usual, even as minor corrections or enhancements/upgrades are being created to your applications.


To ensure that your testing desires are completely met, we have a tendency to prepare a regression suite to test the base functionality of the application right at the onset. This regression suite is enhanced to align with the BAU changes. Wherever possible, it's automatic with appropriate regression automation tool sets from vendors like HP Mercury and IBM Rational.


We test applications using client specific parameters to confirm that your specific issues/bugs are resolved. Any defects known throughout the testing are raised to the development team for fixing. Defects that are re-tested and closed are affected to a defect repository for future use. In spite of everything the specified reviews are completed, the regression test pack is updated with the revised test ware.

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