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Retail Lending

Retail Lending, significantly mortgage lending and residential loans, is one among the foremost profitable streams for banks. However, it's additionally fraught with risks as banks more and more move away from the traditional means of doing business to one that uses risk-based pricing, indirect lending and hedging. The growth of retail lending across geographies means that regulatory, compliance and disclosure issues compound the already existing issues.

The tremendous opportunities in retail lending close with the large risks involved are increasing the demand for feature-rich, defect-free lending applications. However, before deploying such applications, it's imperative that they need to be tested totally as any defects during a real time environment will cause huge losses for the lending institutions - loss of revenues, loss of reputation, and loss of confidence and respect.


We facilitate global financial organizations mitigate 'Quality Risks' in outsourcing by assuring business necessities in delivered software. Our necessities audit and domain targeted independent testing have helped our clients deploy flexible, scalable, and customized lending applications.

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