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Integrated Banking Software Testing

When do banks and financial organizations would like system integration testing?

• When customizing banking software products
• When adding latest interfaces to the core application
• When creating enhancements to existing software to eliminate limitations

Functioning within the extremely competitive and customer-centric environment of banking and financial services, you wish to perpetually upgrade your customized software applications to align them with quick evolving customer relationship practices. Integration testing ensures that new releases of a software application are integrated fully along with your existing application and that your business needs are met.

Banks typically realize that the system integrator didn't do comprehensive integrated system testing, possibly due to delayed deliveries of interfaces or sub systems. In such things, it becomes imperative to increase the scope of functional testing to each System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing.

Our domain information of the banking and financial environments helps us to quickly perceive the design of the core application as well as the interfaces. Our domain targeted approach combined with best practices provides a holistic approach to Integration Testing and ensures that it's completed with success.

We use functional scenarios or standard approach to testing. This suggests that we tend to conduct the testing as and once a module is prepared, rather than waiting for the entire system to be completed with all the modules as within the end-to-end approach. This ensures quicker time-to-market and return on investment, as errors can be tracked to closure concurrent with the development method.

We produce reliable test scenarios, test conditions, cases, scripts, and test data guidelines required to ensure full coverage of the functionality of your application. We tend to use proved test execution methodologies using simulated information in a controlled test environment to check your application under all potential conditions. Our defect management and pre-determined test start/exit criteria guarantee test completion among stipulated time frames.

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