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API Testing

Why API Testing:

API’s are the intermediate between the presentation layer and also the database layer of a system and it's the primary factor that fully integrates the systems along. API acts as a messenger that takes requests to the system returning back with a response supported the intended command.


API Testing Services is dispensed either directly or as an area of integration testing to actuate if they meet the expectations as per the outlined specification in terms of functionality, performance and security. Throughout the API testing, the information is exchanged from XML or JSON through HTTP requests and responses.


API tests are performed at the business layer even before the GUI of the application is arrived this helps to repair bugs and validate logical problems at the first stages of application development lifecycle while not being dependent upon the arrival of UI.


What we can offer:


Levarus' comprehensive API testing solutions addresses the functional and performance challenges in API validation through manual similarly as implementing the most effective practices of API automation strategy since Agile’s success majorly depends on early feedback whereas the UI level tests are costly and takes a too long to produce feedback.


At Levarus, we also tend to  integrate API automated tests to the CI build server’s to produce faster feedback of the application’s health and performance by the time it's deployed. Moving forward we tend to improve the test coverage, test significantly quicker than the human user and eliminate the human error and performance bottlenecks.

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