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Rollout Support 

You can avail of our Rollout support that allows you to use software applications simply and effectively, at the earliest.

Our Rollout Support Service helps your business users to place software applications into productive use at the earliest. Throughout the application rollout, we tend to guide you right from the planning to the evaluation stages. This enables you to urge the best out of the new application within the shortest possible time.

Functional Help Desk

You can use our Help Desk facility to urge the answers to your IT queries and issues. Our tough domain specialists and analysts use state-of-the-art infrastructure and best-of-class processes to supply top quality services to support your business users.

Functional Help Desks are becoming an integral part of mission important banking applications providing production support. This is often significantly true as banks and financial institutions continue to relentlessly expand their operations across geographies.


Clients have the benefit of having a help desk that provides their end users the information and skills necessary to use new software productively. Having access to the proper support helps enrich the user experience, while solving minor or sophisticated business issues.


We established and run off-site Help Desks for our purchasers as a production support system.


The Help Desk can be web-based using email as a medium of communication.


The Help Desk can be used for call logging, routing, escalations and resolution. At the back end, the Help Desk may be integrated into an occurrence response and alter management system.

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