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Treasury operations are unit among the foremost specialized operations within a bank or financial institutions owing to their distributed portfolio of debt, investment and derivative instruments. Treasury departments got to perpetually monitor liquidity, interest rate, currency exposures and asset-liability profiles across varied geographies.

To deal with the complexities concerned in managing these varied financial instruments, banks and financial institutions are exchange their legacy systems with new applications. New applications got to be tested completely to confirm that they seamlessly integrate with existing applications, provide improved functionality and deliver on end user requirements.


With our domain information and targeted testing methodologies in treasury systems, we have with success carried out independent testing of treasury products


We have comprehensively covered the subsequent treasury modules:

  • Bonds

  • Equities

  • Mutual Funds

  • Money Market

  • Derivatives


We test applications to confirm that they deliver on user needs for:

  • Effective exchange and interest rate management

  • Effective management of operational risks

  • Effective forecasting processes

  • Effective liquidity and dealing capital management

  • Effective financial provide chain integration


Improved centralized treasury activities

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