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Data Migration Testing

The different phases of the Migration test followed at Levarus are.

  • Pre-Migration Testing

  • Migration Testing

  • Post Migration Testing

In addition to the above, the following tests are also executed as part of the entire Migration activity performed by Levarus.

  • Backward Compatibility Verification

  • Rollback Testing

Data Migration Testing Strategy

Creating the test strategy for data migration includes a set of activities to be executed and some aspects to be considered. This is to reduce the errors and risks that occur as a result of the data migration and to run the testing efficiently.

Activities in this Testing

Forming the team

Create the testing team with the members having the needed knowledge & experience

Analysis the risk

Current BAU life should not be hampered after migration and hence carry out ‘Risk Analysis’ meetings involving the right stakeholders and identify the risks and the implementable mitigation.

Data Migration scope analysis

Find the clear scope of the migration test as to when and what needs to be tested.

Identify the Test Environment for Migration

Identify separate environments for Pre and Post Migration environments to carry out any verification


Migration Test Specification Document and review

Prepare Migration Test Specification document which clearly describes the areas of testing, testing methods (manual, automated), Number of cycles of testing, test approach, testing methodology (white box testing technique, black box), the approach of creating data and using live data etc.

Test Execution

Run the test cases one by one and capture the results.

Report the result

Capture the test results, prepare the report and release the system for usage.

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