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Corporate Banking

Corporate banks have to constantly upgrade their software applications to satisfy the demands of their customers for higher and additional sophisticated commercial, transactional and electronic banking product. Market pressures additionally dictate that these products should be delivered within the shortest potential time, or it'll be hard to survive in extremely competitive market. Competitive and restrictive pressures and the need to maintain margins are forcing banks to customize software to improve efficiency and transparency, and reduce costs.

We mix our extensive industry experience with established testing methodologies to assist you in each stage of the software development method. Our skilled domain and test teams work with you to spot gaps between business necessities and specification documents.


We work with you to spot errors within the applications early within the project lifecycle, and thereby prevent invisible costs of software defects within the real environment.    You can take benefit from our skills within the various areas of testing such as:

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • System Integration Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Creation of Automated Regression Test Packs

  • Operational method validation services

  • Transitional necessities services


We have helped several Global 500 banks come through close to defect-free roll out of financial software products.

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