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Financial Product Testing

Product vendors/ System Integrators face varied testing challenges as they have to cater to terribly specific needs of Banks and Financial institutions.

These challenges will broadly be classified as regarding Coverage and complexness of Multiples.

  • Coverage

    • Functional Coverage

    • Code Coverage

    • Compatibility - Browsers, Platforms

    • Performance

    • Scalability

  • Complexity of "Multiples"


Software developed for the Banking and Financial services sector have to be  perpetually upgraded or modified to deal with the quick changing business needs of the clients, and regulatory and compliance problems.

This contributes the complexity of multiples in the following areas:

  • Versions - Core/ Customization

  • Builds

  • Technology Upgrades

  • Interfaces

  • Test Iterations


We support international financial product organizations manage these challenges through our Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE). On an ongoing basis, these TCoEs offer testing support for:

  • Major/ Minor releases

  • Patch/Bug Fixes

  • Custom versions for specific customers


Automated regression test packs

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